School Choice?

A recent trip to a seminar held by the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) has uncovered some interesting work done by economics Professor Joshua C. Hall of Beloit College.  In particular, his work on public choice in the education system offers an in-depth perspective on the national education system.

Professor Hall’s most recent lectures can be viewed in Power Point at the following address:

If you are short on time I suggest the third powerpoint down the list (Public Choice). And when you get to the table showing cost per student, teacher:student ratios, etc., please note how different RI is from the national average and how much it has changed in just the last 8 years.  We currently spend over $14k per student and our teacher:student ratio is 13.1.

His lecture on Public Choice, Education, and the Market Process is a must.

His main website which includes recent reviews and publications can be viewed at the following address:


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