Unions cost jobs

The claim that unions cost jobs isn’t new. We see it most prominently when contract negotiations are underway. Mayors and Councils warn that if concessions aren’t made, jobs will be lost.

But now there is empirical evidence that unions cause a reduction is jobs in less direct manners.

Investor’s Business Daily tells us about a National Bureau of Economic Research study that shows when a business becomes unionized they loose an average of $40,500 in stock value (1998 dollars). Bump that up to 2009 dollars and its close to the average wage in RI (approx $47k).

The union mentality is much like the federal government mentality – they don’t understand that ever dollar they take out is a dollar NOT creating jobs. And if anyone thinks that the government can take tax dollars and pass it along for job creation without taking it’s vig (call it overhead), then they have been living in a cave (or university).


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