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ProJo has some budget into –

The legislature’s budget plan cuts $55 million in general revenue sharing from cities and towns, a reduction that eliminates the general revenue sharing program.

When a school district uses a bond for new construction, 54% is reimbursed by the state. What will happen to any bond passed last year? Will the taxpayers be liable for the entire amount even though they approved much less?

On education, the budget for the coming year largely funds local education at the current level. But it eliminates all state dollars devoted to professional development at local schools, approximately $6.3 million. And the plan also cuts $1.7 million in new money the governor had proposed for charter schools and “mayoral academies.”

Disappointing indeed. I guess the special interest groups (like the NEA) doesn’t put the kids first. Well, not if involves their competition.


2 responses to “Budget news

  1. bill thenext time your on newsmakers please tell the truth.pfd is not the highest payed in the country or the state .stop using the mayors fasle numbers.correct your action please .the gov wife is at the top of your broard of dir no wonder why you act like that ……..

  2. John,
    All comments are approved as long as they don’t contain profanity, etc…
    I can appreciate that there are differences among the way people calculate costs. But doesn’t the other popular report say that Providence is 7th highest in the nation and 4th highest in RI? Should we feel good that 4 of the 7 most expensive fire departments are in Rhode Island while our median income certainly is not?

    And the board is listed alphabetically, which Carcieri if first. Jon Scott is the chairman of the board.

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