By the numbers

From our friends at ATR

10                     Number of years it will take to double the national debt under the Obama budget

$1.5 trillion      Cost to taxpayers of Sen. Max Baucus’s (D-Mont.) health care scheme (modeled on Obama’s health care principles), according to the Congressional Budget Office.

16                     Number of days it took Obama to break his campaign promise to not raise taxes on any family earning less than $250,000 per year (by signing a tobacco tax hike which affects people making $36,000 on average)

40%                 Tax rate Obama would like to take small business profit taxes to

2/3                  The percentage of small business profits that will be subject to this tax rate

43 million       Number of Americans working in small businesses (<100 employees)

0                      Number of developed countries that have a higher corporate income tax rate than the United States (we’re tied with Japan at 40%)

500                  Number of Fortune 500 companies who would ship jobs abroad as a result of Obama’s proposed double taxation of American companies overseas.


$50 billion       The amount of tax money raised per year for every one percentage point in a Value    Added Tax (VAT) scheme not ruled out by White House officials.

33%                 The percentage of families filing a tax return that had zero or less in income taxes paid (making it mathematically impossible to cut taxes for “95 percent of working families”)

600,000           Minimum number of Americans attending Tax Day Tea Parties

600                  Minimum number of Tax Day Tea Parties


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