The inexcusable act of passing out the US Constitution

The RI Tea Party had a float in the Bristol Parade.  They just passed this news to us:

[The RI Tea Party} received news from the Bristol Parade Committee that the RI Tea Party is to NEVER apply to appear in the Bristol Parade again. We were told unequivocally that our group was “horrible”, “not to waste the stamp to send in an application in the future”, and that the Committee never wanted “those people” of the RI Tea Party to participate in the parade in the first place.

Why would the Bristol Parade Committee have such a negative response to our float when the crowd 
was so overwhelmingly positive? We are told it is because some members of the RI Tea Party passed 
out US Constitutions to the crowd. Apparently passing out the US Constitution on Independence Day 
is an egregious violation of parade rules. This is despite the fact that other floats passed out 
solicitations for their businesses, which is against the Parade guidelines, and these businesses 
have NOT been told that they are banned from participating in the future.



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