History channel propaganda

I just got back to the hotel here in PA and turned on the TV while I packed up the bags. I see the History channel on full propaganda mode. First was a show on global warming stating unequivocally that there is no debate to the topic of global warming. That’s bad enough, but the next show was on germ warfare and they mentioned how we, the evil Europeans, came to America and gave the native Americans “blankets infected with Small Pox.” A quick search on the Internet shows professors also push this garbage. (U of Dayton linked here).

 Perhaps the History channel should read a little more history. If they did they would know that Louis Pasteur, who discovered germs, didn’t do so until almost 100 years after we were supposedly using germ warfare on the Native Americans.

Kind of makes you wonder – if the professors and the History channel don’t know history, who will teach our kids?  Homeshooling?


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