Completely unrelated to policy

Just returned from Philadelphia and the National Conference of State Legislators. My weekly message will cover the week, but I have to share something Dwuane the doorman reminded me about called the Curse of Billy Penn.

Red Sox fans know the Curse of the Bambino, but Billy Penn?

If you walk out the Marriot on Market St, downtown Philly, and look to the right you will see the Philadelphia City Hall with a William Penn statue on top – at the time of construction (1901) it was the tallest building in Philly. There used to be a “gentleman’s agreement” that no building could be built taller than Penn’s hat.

In 1987 One Liberty Place was built and became the tallest building in Philly and the professional championships coming to the city ended.  Until…

In 2007, the new tallest building in Philly, the Comcast building, placed a small William Penn statue on its peak – the statue was stolen, then replaced.

In 2008, after a 22 year drought, Philadelphia saw the Phillies win the world series.


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