State Regulation Makes Small Business Owners ‘Sick to Stomach’

We’ve blogged recently about the unfavorable business climate in Rhode Island, due in large part to over-regulation and taxation. Now, hear it in the words of small business owners themselves, speaking before a state Senate task force:

Brent Ryan of Coastal Extreme Brewing Co., makers of Newport Storm Beer, called the amount of paperwork needed to renew dozens of retail and operating licenses “a nightmare,” and recommended the state give some thought to consolidation.

Clay Rockefeller, a real estate developer and co-founder of the Steel Yard, an industrial arts collective, questioned why more permitting forms aren’t available online. Then he boldly suggested an attitude adjustment from state employees who serve small businesses, saying it’s important to encourage new owners, instead of intimidating them.

Rich Paolo, owner of Pamfilio’s deli in Cumberland was even more frank. “Everything you have to do with the State of Rhode Island, you get a sick stomach before you make the call,” he said.

We hope our state legislators listen to and heed these words. Click here for the story.


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