Columbus Day Canceled at Brown

Brown University may have cancelled Columbus Day, but the College Republicans, Brown Spectator, and local talk radio host John DePetro aren’t going to let them forget about it:

DePetro, who will host his rally on Columbus Day, October 12, 2009, said the decision by the faculty at Brown University to change the name of the Columbus Day holiday is “a tremendous insult to all Italian-Americans.” DePetro said he would be happy to accept the resignations from members of the Brown faculty at the rally,” to clear their conscience of teaching at aschool built upon the slave trade.”
” This grossly misguided farce to try to ignore and destroy the historic
contribution made by one of the world’s greatest explorers is not only
insulting to Italian-Americans, but is a very disturbing reminder of how
America’s traditional heritage is under attack in many quarters of the Ivy League and on other college campuses,” DePetro says.
” It is the height of arrogance and grossly hypocritical for faculty and
students at a University whose substantial endowment had its origins in the Brown family fortune, which was built on the slave trade, to instigate a movement to dismantle the Columbus Holiday and recognition of Columbus.”
The Brown decision to drop any recognition of the Columbus Day holiday has been justified by the University as a form of symbolic protest of the explorer’s clashes with Native Americans at the time of the historic discovery.
For more information, click here. For more about the cancellation, click here and here. If misdeeds are cause for having a holiday in your honor revoked, this author wonders if Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is fair game. Don’t count on it.

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