Should Rhode Island Be a City State?

This Roger Williams professor thinks so. He wants local fire departments, police agencies, and schools consolidated into one unified county-like government:

It is time for Rhode Island to eschew its ancien régime and to come of age. It is time for Rhode Island’s political elite to step out from their town and city halls, shed their myopic parochialism, and embrace a bold, new vision for real, substantial, meaningful change in the way Rhode Island operates. It is time for Rhode Island’s people to transcend their internecine tribalism to recognize and realize the potential that lies beyond their ZIP codes. It is time for Rhode Islanders to unite as one people, under one modern, centralized, and efficient government. It is time for One Rhode Island.

Writing in the Providence Journal, he attempts to distinguish between regionalization and consolidation, but really the only difference is one of scale. The consolidation for which he calls is really just regionalization on a statewide scale. Anchor Rising correctly warns that this is a recipe for bigger government in Rhode Island. We have also published a preliminary report on the dangers of regionalization. Click here to read it.


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