Student: Why Columbus Day Is Important

Several Brown University students and Rhode Islanders turned out for a rally yesterday to protest the cancellation of Columbus Day. The college has renamed the autumn holiday “Fall Weekend” after students complained that the holiday celebrated the mistreatment Native Americans suffered at the hands of Columbus and his men. Among the highlights of the event was a speech by Keith DellaGrotta, the president of the College Republicans. Below are some excerpts.

Brown University professors and snooty Brown students cast Columbus as a barbarian while raising the American Indians on a pedestal to be honored, but I ask them what would America be without Columbus? Would the American Dream, the ideal that inspired my great-grandfather and the ideal that draws me to Brown University now, exist if it were not for Columbus?

Columbus and the Europeans brought technology to America. They brought democracy and capitalism to a patriarchic civilization. And most importantly they brought Christianity to a land of multiple gods and human sacrifice. Brown University and the Far Left like it are ashamed of America and its white, European background, but the values and the principles that Columbus, and the Europeans that followed, brought to America are the reason for her current political and economic success. Is this no reason enough for a holiday?

Without Columbus there would be no British explorers. Without Columbus there would be no Pilgrims and Puritans. Without Columbus there would be no common law. Without Columbus there would be no Great Awakening. There would be no Thirteen Colonies. There would be no Tea Party. There would be no American Revolution.

To read the speech in full, click here. To read the Brown Daily Herald account of the rally click here.


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