State Legislature: Too Little, Too Late?

The return of the state Legislature the end of this month is not something to look forward to, according to this local columnist:

What do you expect them to do when they do return? Fix the financial crisis and solve the unemployment problem?  That answer is ludicrous enough to get a laugh out of people and usually gets them to acknowledge that the General Assembly returning to the Statehouse may not be the solution to our current situation. A better question/answer might be: with all they have done to bring us to this point, aren’t you afraid that if and when the legislature reconvenes, they are only going to screw things up even more? We can poke good-natured fun at our elected lawmakers, but you really shouldn’t expect any great shakes when the legislative engine fires back up on Oct. 28 and 29.

The author predicts action on the prostitution and texting-while-driving bans, but little else. Meanwhile, Arlene Violet worries about what the legislators will do with binding arbitration.


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