Stimulus for Beauty Schools Doesn’t Look So Good

Here’s the latest in wasteful economic stimulus spending: $2.3 million in tuition aid for students in the Tampa Bay area to attend beauty school. OK, you say, that may not be as bad as $3.4 million for a turtle crossing under a highway or $350 million for a map of Internet access nationwide. But still this doesn’t exactly fall in the “economic stimulus” category. Even some of the school owners who are supposedly benefitting from it are against the additional funding, according to the St. Petersburg Times:

Chad Malm, owner of Salon Jack in Tampa, said he gets as many as six applicants every week. There are plenty of hairdressers, he said, and using stimulus money to put students through beauty school is ridiculous.

“It’s not for everybody to be jumping in and wasting tax dollars,” he said. “What, are you kidding me?”

It turns out the Tampa Bay area is not the only place stimulus funds are going to beauty schools. Here is an example from California.


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