A Prayer … and a Tax Cut

Rhode Island doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a tax-cutting state, but Gov. Carcieri might change that. The Providence Journal has the story:

Governor Carcieri’s administration director, Gary Sasse, gave a roomful of state senators a list of “two to three things” to do over the next few months as the state tries to climb out of its financial abyss. The first was: “pray.”

The next was: “Need positive attitude. No naysayers,” according to the notes kept by one of the senators at the meeting last week.

The third was a variation on a key piece of an ambitious proposal to solve deficit-wracked California’s budget crisis: lower the tax burden on the wealthy, repeal sales taxes and replace the corporate profits tax with a new levy pegged to business revenues.

With the third highest unemployment rate and the overall worst business climate in the country, it’s about time someone tried something different. Currently there are only five states with no sales taxes. In New England the only one is New Hampshire. For a state-by-state list of sales taxes, visit this site.


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