Canada: Rationed Care a Reality

If you want to find out what a government-run health insurance would be like, you don’t have to wait for President Obama and Congress to take action. Just take a road trip up to Canada. Here is what you will find, according to Fraser America, a free-market institute:

Canadians seeking surgical or other therapeutic treatment are enduring a median wait time of 16.1 weeks, roughly the same delay they experienced in 2000-2001, even though governments have made substantial increases in health care spending since then, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual report on hospital wait times. The findings offer yet another warning to Americans as Congress and the White House attempt to expand the federal government’s role in health care.

“After nearly 10 years of spending increases, Canadians are still waiting 113 days, on average, for medically necessary treatment, just as in 2000-2001. While that wait time is shorter than it was last year, it is still a far cry from what Canadians should expect from their expensive health care program,” said Nadeem Esmail, Fraser Institute Director of Health System Performance Studies and author of the 19th annual edition of Waiting Your Turn: Hospital Waiting Lists in Canada.

Apparently the problem is so bad, that Canadians have even formed an association entirely devoted to ending long wait times. Read more about its report here.


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