Turning Tide for Conservatives?

The talking heads are all worked up over the Republican upsets in Virginia and New Jersey earlier this week. The rising conservative tide even sent ripples into the Ocean State, where a GOP leader won the mayoral race in Woonsocket.

Here is more from the current state GOP chairman, Giovanni Cicione:

Fontaine won the election by a 14.8% margin, made all the more dramatic by the fact that Woonsocket has long been a stronghold for Democrats, having most recently giving Barrack Obama a 32.2% margin of victory on the 2008 election cycle.

“To see such a dramatic swing in voter interests in a one year period is stunning,” said Cicione, “and is even more telling given that Leo is so strongly identified as a Republican, having served at State Party Chair. A win like this will certainly help put to rest any concerns about the Republican ‘brand’ in Rhode Island.”

Read the full press release here.

Some, like National Review, are taking the results in Virginia and New Jersey as signs of a grassroots, conservative uprising against big government, reminiscent of 1994. We certainly hope so.


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