Teachers Contract Eliminates Double Raises

The new Chariho teachers contract almost eliminates the traditional system of steps, which effectively amounted to a double raise. A contract might have, say, 12 steps, which are euphemisms for pay raises. Under this system, a teacher would graduate up to a new step with each new year of employment. Thus, the steps were a system of automatic pay raises. So when a school district speaks of “raises” that actually refers to a raise in the step, not teacher salaries themselves. In other words, a “raise” is really a raise on a raise.

Don’t you just love how government works?

When the two are combined, OSPRI President Bill Felkner found that teachers were actually receiving whopping 10.5 percent annual raises.

Click here for The Providence Journal report on this new contract and here for the Anchor Rising explanation of how the contract affects steps. Anchor Rising also has a nice tutorial on contracts here.


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