Tribal Rituals: Gone with the Wind?

The Greek statesman Solon once said—and I paraphrase—that those who aim to please everyone will please no one. This advice has been largely unheeded by liberals, who build their political coalition by pandering to minorities and pursuing leftist causes, like global warming.

Of course, as Solon warned, this strategy is destined for problems. The clash between the Wampanoag and environmentalists on Cape Cod is a classic example. The Wampanoag want to practice tribal rituals with an unblocked view of the sunrise.  The environmentalists, on the other hand, want to build more than a hundred 400-foot tall wind turbines in Nantucket Sound. Without any common principles or shared moral vocabulary, the two groups, not surprisingly, are having a hard time finding common ground or even talking to teach other. Read the AP story here.


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