Brown Students Call for ‘Climate Justice’

In case you missed it, there is a local connection to the Copenhagen climate summit that wrapped up this week. Here is more from the Foundation for Intellectual Diversity:

It should come as little suprise that Brown University is well-represented at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week and last. According to The Providence Journal, three students and the director of Brown’s Center for Environmental Studies are attending.

The students and their professor are writing for a University blog about the summit, where readers will encounter some perhaps new yet familiar-sounding Leftist lingo, such as “climate justice” and “carbon debt.” If these students are being taught to simply to shoehorn climate research into the familiar categories of progressive ideology, we have to wonder about the scholarly merits of the environmental science program at Brown.

Of course, this summit has been overshadowed somewhat by the recent scandal in which it was revealed that climate scientists in the United States and Great Britain have stifled dissenting viewpoints in their field. We hope the local delegation to Copenhagen doesn’t bring such attitudes back to Brown.

For more on Brown’s efforts in this area, click here. Also, we can’t help point on the irony (hat tip to the Drudge Report) that those returning from this conference to the northeast United States will be arriving during a blizzard.


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