The Causes of the Financial Crisis

Big Think, an online think tank, is offering an eight-week course on the causes of the financial crisis. Here is more information about the series.

NEW YORK -The on-line think tank, Big Think today launched “What Went Wrong?” an eight-week, Web-based educational series with leading economics experts collaborating to understand the root causes of the recent global financial crisis, in the interest of preventing yet another.

This ambitious and innovative initiative, sponsored by the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, comes out of the urgent need to improve our understanding of the factors that led to the crisis and assess proposed reforms to avert new crises already looming.

The interactive series will combine Big Think’s singular ability to engage a range of top figures in government, business, academia and media with an open network of the world’s leading economics bloggers and columnists — who will drive the agenda of the series through their questions and analysis.

Upon the release of each expert interview, the prominent nexus of bloggers will analyze the views expressed in a concerted and open dialogue that will appear on each participant’s website.

The aims of this groundbreaking collaboration are to “expert-source” a uniquely authoritative and comprehensive educational resource on the lessons gleaned from the financial crisis and leverage their combined reach to expand the public dialogue about our best way forward.  The content of the series will in turn be collected and highlighted on Big Think.

This week will feature John Allison, former CEO of BB&T.

For more information, click here and here.


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