Taxpayers May Secede from Town

Taxes are one reason the Riverside community is considering secession from East Providence, according to the East Providence Post:

Aside from having to leave Riverside for EPHS [East Providence High School], Mr. Hurley said another reason for pushing a secession is frustration over the way tax dollars are spent.

“Why is it that we send all of our tax money up there and we don’t see anything for it,” Mr. Hurley said. “Like schooling. I watch Riverside Junior High School falling apart and we get hand-me-down stuff. It’s a bunch of different things like that.”

In addition, it seems that indepedence could lead to lower costs and greater efficiencies, since outside departments would have to compete for contracts in Riverside:

To make sure residents of the new, independent Riverside are well protected, Mr. Hurley said a few “Riversidians” have brought forth the idea of putting out a Request for Proposals to nearby police and fire departments in towns such as Seekonk, Barrington and even East Providence for options on a “yearly service contract.”

“This will open the opportunity for private law and fire departments to be created, to help maximize our budget,” Mr. Hurley said.

At a time when everyone seems to be buying into all the hype about regionalization and consolidation (read: bigger government), it’s refreshing to see a community heading in the opposite direction.


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