More Fallout on Sick Bonuses

A Warwick state rep is proposing legislation that would eliminate bonuses for unused sick time. The move comes on the heels of a Hummel Report investigation that revealed 75 departmental managers in Warwick received a total of $60,000 in sick bonuses, on top of annual salaries that are around $100,000 or more. Here is more from the Warwick Beacon:

“It’s not sustainable. The contracts that are out there with provisions like these are just killing the taxpayer,” said [state Rep. Joseph] Trillo.

“This is an abuse of the process. It’s been going on for years. The unions are used to getting these perks, but it’s one of many that they need to let go of, especially in this economic climate.”

The Beacon recently reported that in March of 2009, using complicated formulas that pay firefighters for not taking sick days off on both a yearly basis and at their retirement, city taxpayers paid firefighters about $531,000.

In December of last year, the city paid municipal employees, which don’t work for the fire or police department, about $163,000 for not taking sick time.

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One response to “More Fallout on Sick Bonuses

  1. This should not be a state law. The citizens of the town should demand this be ended and vote out those who don’t agree.

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