Stimulating the Economy … in Canada

The state has used $750,000 in stimulus funds to buy a patrol, according to this yachting Web site. Well, that’s sure to put some boat-builders to work. … Except the contract is with a Canadian company. This comment from a reader says it best:

Why didn’t the RIDEM contact every qualified boat maker in RI after they got the grant? They would have had more bids, developed relationships with local builders and also helped the local economy.

Instead, they took the lazy, bureaucratic approach and took whatever they got. This is a small example of how the “stimulus” failed to create jobs and is also emblematic of the way government works. Do you really want these folks running your health care system?

Another poster wonders why Congress didn’t require contracting with American suppliers. More information on this ‘buy American’ issue is available here and here.


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