Health Care Reform Has Already Failed in Mass.

Aside from delusional White House advisors, everyone understands that today’s Senate election in Massachusetts is almost all about national health care reform. What has gone underreported is the fact that Massachusetts has already implemented its own state version of health care reform that closely resembles the U.S. Senate plan—and so far, the public isn’t happy with it, even though 97 percent of Bay State residents now have health insurance.  Here is more from Politics Daily:

Only 26 percent [of Massachusetts voters] said in a June 2009 Rasmussen poll that the state’s health care reform effort has been effective. This is because the costs of insurance premiums are still skyrocketing, with a predicted 10 percent increase in 2010. The entire health care reform effort itself has been costly, with Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick removing several portions of it to eliminate the state’s back-breaking budget deficit (he cut illegal-immigrant coverage in August). The cost of the plan in 2010 is more than 20 percent higher than was originally estimated, and that shortfall appears to be growing.

The Boston Globe has come out against the state’s health care reform effort: “Created solely to achieve universal insurance coverage, the plan does not even begin to address the other essential components of a successful health care system.”

So far from being a momentary outburst of anti-government populism, the close race in Massachusetts reflects deep-seated discontent with government-run health care. As the Politics Daily writer noted, who better to put the kabosh on national health care reform than those most familiar with what it’s like?


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