Plan B: Back to the Drawing Board

Here’s a radical idea:  instead of trying to ramrod the current health care reform through or giving up entirely, why not start over from scratch? There are plenty of approaches to health care reform that don’t involve budget-busting bills, new government programs, or even action at the national level. A couple of months ago, we released a short paper outlining nine options for health care reform, including everything from Medicaid vouchers to allowing interstate purchasing of health insurance. Most recently, we released a major study that showed how Rhode Island and other states can save millions in Medicaid by tightening eligibility rules, stepping up estate recoveries, and eliminating loopholes that allow unlimited exemptions for things like pre-paid burials and term life insurance. A few months ago, the prospects for free-market health care reform in Washington seemed dim. Then again, who thought a Republican could win ‘Ted Kennedy’s seat’?


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