What’s Next for Health Care: Five Scenarios

The political and media establishment are still picking themselves up and shaking the dust off after Republican Scott Brown’s seismic victory in the Massachusetts Senate election last night. Just about everyone seems to agree on two things: 1. that the political landscape has been turned upside down and 2. that there is no easy way to save health care reform now. From across the pond, The London Times has the clearest view of what could happen now:

1. Another Senate vote before the election results are certified.

2. The House passes the Senate version of the bill without altering it.

3. The House passes the Senate version and deal with the things it doesn’t like about it in a separate bill.

4. Get a RINO in the Senate to switch sides.

5. Give up.

Click here to read the risks of each one. Meanwhile, according to this report, option nos. 2 and 3 are the most likely now, while this local news site in Maine rules out no. 4.


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