Stimulating Big Government

So we may not be sure how much money went to job creation or retention, but if one thing is certain in the latest report on stimulus spending in Rhode Island, it is that it stimulated government. According to the federal recovery site, the top recipients were the departments of transportation, administration, and administration, the state executive office, and the Clean Water Finance Agency (click here for the complete list). Here is more from The Providence Journal:

The Top 10 recipients in Rhode Island in the fourth quarter comprised seven state agencies, including the University of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, plus the City of Providence, the Providence School Department and Brown University. …

Award recipients included 31 municipalities receiving a total of $97 million, in addition to $25 million for local housing authorities. Among cities, the awards ranged from $658,000 for Central Falls to $27 million for Providence. Among towns, they ranged from $12,000 for Hopkinton to $7 million for North Kingstown. … Twenty-one municipal and regional school districts received a total of $83 million, ranging from $37 million for Providence to $26,000 for Jamestown.

With the possible exception of infrastructure projects, it looks like most of this money went to government workers. Again, it would be nice to know exactly how much of the stimulus money went toward stimulating the economy, and how much to stimulating government.


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