Columnist: Ocean State Is Adrift

Ed Achorn doesn’t mince words when talking about the fiscal and economic crisis in Rhode Island in today’s Providence Journal. Here are the money quotes:

But the bulk of the blame belongs to the members of the General Assembly and municipal leaders, who have been spending like maniacs to grow government and reward the unions, at a rate that far exceeded growth of tax revenues or citizens’ income. They have used the jobs-creating private sector, not as something precious to nurture, but as a host on which to feed parasitically. Even now, as the host grows thin and pale, they don’t care enough to revive the victim. They want to drain it even faster with higher taxes. Apparently this will go on until it’s dead altogether.

They have worked to turn Rhode Island into a small copy of Michigan, with its foreclosed houses, boarded-up neighborhoods, high unemployment, declining population and devastated property values — in spite of the Ocean State’s superb advantages of location, beauty, higher education and cultural qualities.

This is the same writer who recently described Rhode Island as the ‘land of zombies’ for the lack of outrage among the public and accountability in government.


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