Cool Moose Candidate a True Blue Conservative

Once, again, Cool Moose candidate Bob Healey is running for an office he hopes to abolish: lieutenant governor. Here is more from

Barrington resident Bob Healey Jr. was expected to announce his candidacy for the Lt. Governor’s chair Tuesday night at The Cheese Plate in Warren. If elected, the chairman of the Cool Moose Party will not hire a staff, refuse a salary and ultimately dissolve the constitutional position which uses $1 million of the state operations budget.

“In the past, people said ‘it’s only a million dollars,’ which was a drop in the bucket when they were spending like drunken sailors. But in a budget crunch, a million seems like a lot of money,” said Mr. Healey.

Between Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts staff and her salary, he said about $1 million is spent on unnecessary positions on boards like the Emergency Management Council. Mr. Healey said the only real role the position plays is to take over in case the governor dies and create a parking spot for political hopefuls. …

“Now people [are] looking for smaller government, efficient government,” said Mr. Healey. “I can’t think of anything better for this to happen.”

At OSPRI, we’re not in the business of endorsing candidates or legislation. But, from a public policy perspective, we can certainly say that we think eliminating the lieutenant governor’s office is a pretty cool idea.


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