A Sense of Entitlement

One of things that is most maddening about the situation in Central Falls is this sense of entitlement that the teachers have. At a time when most people would be happy to have any work at all, the teachers are refusing to extend the school day by just 25 minutes, eat lunch with students, and stay after school one day a week to evaluate student performance. If they don’t, they’ve been told they could be out of work. It seems a small price to pay to hold onto a job with an annual salary of $72,000 to $78,000 in a town where the median income is $22,000. But apparently it is. In fact, teachers are so outraged that the superintendent is threatening layoffs, that they held a candelight vigil last week in protest (check out the photos in The Providence Journal). We only wish the teachers would have shown the same sense of outrage over a 48 percent graduation rate and a 50 percent failing rate in classes.


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