Teacher Rights? What about the Students?

Check out this flyer on the Rhode Island Future site, advertising a protest of the firing of the 74 teachers at Central Falls High School. A quick recap: in an effort to rescue a failed school system, the administration has asked that teachers agree to several modest conditions, including a 25-minute extension of the school day, eating lunch once a week with students, and submitting to more rigorous evaluations. The teachers have refused and the superintendent is responding with layoffs (for more background, click here). Note the headline above that flyer, asking readers to rally for ‘workers rights’? We wonder: What about the rights of students? At the high school, less than half of students graduate and half are failing their classes. Who’s going to stand up for them? Well, at least they are making their voices heard. Meanwhile, it boggles the mind that the folks at Rhode Island Future are more outraged about how teachers are being treated than the fact that the students are stuck in a failed school. The bottom of the flyer lists a (ironically defunct) Web site for more information: http://www.CentralFallsKidsDeserveBetter.com. Well, we certainly agree with that.


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