A Czar for Rhode Island?

Given President Obama’s well-documented fondness for appointing czars, we were more than a little surprised to see the Republican gubernatorial candidate propose a czar for Rhode Island. We know that John Robitaille is on the side of smaller government, but his proposal for a ‘lean’ czar to strip wasteful spending for taxpayers was less than well-conceived. If you want to cut government, here’s a thought: why not start with this czar? After all, isn’t trimming spending supposed to be the job of department heads? We suspect that Robitaille was attempting to show he was serious about budget discipline in proposing an entire position dedicated to the work, but instead, his suggestion comes off as a gimmick. Instead of pawning this most important task onto some rogue czar, Robitaille could show more leadership in promising that he himself will go through the budget and do some cutting of his own. After all, even President Obama pledged to do as much during his campaign. Obama never delivered, but Robitaille should hold himself to a higher standard.


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