Funding Formula Could Drive Reform

As the Woonsocket Call reported earlier this week, Education Commissioner Deborah Gist is working on a funding formula for Rhode Island public schools. Many see this necessary for bringing some fairness and regularity to the annual funding process in the state. But, perhaps more importantly, it also could pave the way for further reform of public schools. At the bottom of the Woonsocket Call story, one school board official discusses how:

Tim Duffy of the RI Association of School Committees said the problem with an across-the-board cut is that it “treats saints and sinners equally, and that is part of the problem. There are districts out there that have been far too generous” with employee benefits or programs they offer. “There are some districts who have held the line and are being treated the same way.”

Of course, at OSPRI, we are advocating for a per-pupul funding formula that would enable parents to enroll their children in other public schools, charters, and private schools. We have a feeling that this would ameliorate this issue of districts that are ‘far too generous’ with employee benefits or programs.


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