Again, This Guy Gets It

Cutting taxes to give residents a break during a recession? Geez. Imagine that. What a novel idea. Lincoln Town Administrator is proposing a cut in property taxes, according to the Valley Breeze. As someone who once covered a number of town and school district budgets—even in the Live Free or Die state, of all places—this writer can attest that tax cuts are rare even in conservative communities. The announcement follows his public promise to not deal with cuts in state aid with higher local taxes. Here is the Rhode Island GOP statement on the news:


RIGOP Congratulates LincolnTown Administrator T. Joseph Almond on Proposed Tax Cut

The Rhode Island Republican Party took note today of a bit of good news – at least for Lincoln residents – in these dire economic times.  Party Chair Giovanni Cicione publically commended Lincoln Town Administrator Joe Almond for showing strong leadership and management skills and proposing tax relief for homeowners in the form of a property tax cut.  …

“The only real way to rebuild an economy and create jobs is to put money back in the pockets of citizens,” said Cicione.  “Joe Almond has proven once again that in tough times it is not only possible, but vitally important, to do whatever can be done to put more money back into constituents’ pockets.”


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