The Tax and Cut Spending Democrat?

In his remarks about taxes this week, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer at least acknowledged that something has to be done about spending. Here is more from The Hill story:

“If need be, I am hopeful that both parties will agree to look at revenues as part of the solution — not as a gateway to higher spending, but as part of a compromise that cuts spending and balances the budget,” he added.

Hoyer, a voice for centrists in the House leadership, said reining in record debt requires a combination of spending cuts and tax increases.

“It seems to me that the only solution that can win the support of both parties is a balanced approach: one that cuts some spending and raises some revenue while avoiding extremes in either direction,” he said.

So, in other words, the Democrats are committing to raising taxes and reducing spending. Don’t believe it for a second. We’ve seen these kinds of false promises before—like Clinton talking about middle-class tax cuts and Obama saying he would not raise any kind of tax for those earning under $250,000. In his comments, Hoyer is trying to stake out a middle position between the Left (which wants to tax the ‘rich’) and the Right (which wants lower spending). But if he was really serious about this, he would promise to tie any tax hikes to spending cuts, so that the former doesn’t happen without the latter. Otherwise, something tells us they might raise taxes and forget about that other thing. Of course, we must ask: why not try out cutting spending first and see how that goes? And then maybe Democrats will forget about that other thing.


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