NBC 10: Lines Longer than Ever at DMV

NBC 10 is out with a report saying that lines are getting even worse at the DMV office in Pawtucket. According to the report, some people were waiting six hours, or even longer. And some people still want government running health care? If it takes six hours to get your license renewed just imagine how long it would take to get a medical exam or procedure. Actually, we don’t have to imagine. Just use that six hours of free time you have to drive up to Canada where the wait time for these things isn’t hours but weeks. According to this report, it took 18 weeks after the visit with the doctor to get the necessary surgery or treatment that was prescribed. And this was after billions of dollars had been invested to fix the problem. Now, in all fairness to our local DMV, the governor’s office is saying that the Pawtucket office has been closed on Wednesdays to train staff to operate a new computer system. This is supposed to make things more efficient by allowing people to do things like license renewals online, so they never have to spend another minute in the DMV. Of course, it won’t be until August that this is in place. So we’ll see. In the meantime, we think we still have license to use the DMV as the poster child for bureaucratic inefficiency.


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