Providence Firefighters Get Retroactive Raises

As if the idea of giving raises during a time of recession, when so many are already unemployed, wasn’t already offensive enough, Providence firefighters are getting ‘retroactive raises.’ Today, The Providence Journal is reporting on its blog that the Providence firefighters unions have been awarded retroactive pay raises: 2.5 percent for 2005 to 2006 and 3.5 percent for 2006 to 2007. Buy hey, at least Mayor David Cicilline stood up to the union and denied their request for an increase in personal leave. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten a ‘retroactive raise’ let alone even heard of one. A quick Google search indicates that this practice is exclusive to public sector workers, so I guess that’s one more thing we can add to the union grab bag of goodies, along with sick bonuses, raises on raises, and cash awards to teachers who don’t take free health insurance.


One response to “Providence Firefighters Get Retroactive Raises

  1. To the moron that wrote this comment on firefighters getting retroactive raises, why don’t YOU put YOUR life on the line every time an alarm is called. These men, and police officers, are the finest to be found and are never appreciated enough. I cannot believe your words and am disgusted that you are an American civilian. You are one clown I would like to meet and educate, bring along some of your so-called friends, but you are only strong in front of a computer. I doubt you have family members who like you. You will never get a raise and will always have menial jobs, and short lived ones.

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