Health Care Vote: The Morning After

Yesterday was a sad day for America. With the passage of health care reform, our country felt a little less free this morning, a little more under the vise of government. But this is no time for mourning. Liberals may have won a major battle, but conservatives must pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over again. Today, conservative leaders were of one mind as to how we should react to the passage of health care reform last night: repeal it. One of the most inspiring rallying calls came from Ed Feulner, the President of The Heritage Foundation. Below is an excerpt:

Americans will not stand for it. The American love for liberty prevailed in our founding, and will prevail once again.

In December of 1773, to protest unjust taxation, a group of American colonists dumped tea in Boston Harbor. The punishment for that first Tea Party was a series of intrusive laws passed by Parliament that were so oppressive that they could only be described as the “Intolerable Acts.”

Obamacare is today’s Intolerable Act. And just as the colonists banded together to enact change after those acts were passed, so should America respond to Obamacare. This law must be repealed.

The Weekly Standard has another good call to arms here, The Wall Street Journal has an editorial on what some of the immediate effects will be here, and Americans for Tax Reform has a run-down of what the tax impacts will be here.


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