8 Ways Health Care Bill Makes Big Government Bigger

In the wake of the passage of the health care reform, the full impact it will have on the size of government, individual freedom, and the health care industry is starting to set in. Below we have an abbreviated version of the eight ways in which the bill will expand government. Click here to view the full National Review article.

1. The bill creates a new entitlement program called the CLASS Act.

2. The bill establishes a Medicare panel to review and potentially override the practices and prescriptions of doctors.

3. The bill increases the number of people eligible for Medicaid by a third.

4. The federal government now has the power to determine what insurance plans should cover.

5. The bill creates more than 110 new offices, bureaucracies, committees, programs, and authorities.

6. The bill creates a government managed ‘marketplace’ for health insurance.

7. The bill takes funding away from Medicare Advantage, which allowed seniors to obtain Medicare benefits through private insurance.

8. As a result of all this, government spending on health care spending will rise over 50 percent of total expenditures.

In terms of sheer impact, at OSPRI we are especially worried about what will happen to Medicaid. As National Review noted, expanding already very costly entitlement programs is exactly what we should not be doing. Or, in the words of the article, “It’s like deciding to build a swimming pool and gazebo when your house already has a double mortgage and a cracked foundation.” To read our study on wasteful spending in the long-term care services Medicaid provides, click here.


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