7 Ways Health Care Reform Takes Away Your Freedoms

As a companion piece to our below post on how health care reform expands government, here is a list of how it takes away your freedoms. Click here to read the full version from Investors Business Daily which includes an explanation of how the bill also will affect doctors and companies in the health care industry.

1. You will be fined $750 if you don’t buy health insurance.

2. You will be paying the same premiums as the chain-smoking, obese, alcoholic.

4. You can’t buy emergency health insurance.

5. You have to buy a policy that includes everything from pediatric services to substance abuse treatment, even if you don’t have children and don’t drink.

6. You can’t pay deductibles higher than $2,000 if you’re an individual or $4,000 if you have a family.

7. Oh…. and don’t forget all the higher taxes you will be paying.

Feel free to suggest other ways the bill will reduce your freedom in the comments section.


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