Rhode Island Still in Recession

Today’s headlines give us a glimpse of what’s wrong with our state. First up is a Providence Business News report on how Rhode Island is still in a recession, while New Hampshire and Massachusetts have pulled out of it— when the economy in Taxachusetts is outperforming yours, you know you’re in trouble. So why are we worse off here in Rhode Island? Well, two other stories from today give us some clues. One is a report on how the state is planning $206 million in additional taxes on businesses to cover the rising cost of unemployment benefits. The other story is about how state lawmakers want to impose sales taxes on more than 6,000 nonprofit organizations in the state—because apparently they’re running out of new ways to tax for-profit organizations. And, the one person who is proposing a spending cut, Gov. Carcieri, is meeting with resistance from cities and towns over his plan to cut local aid, according to this story that came out yesterday.


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