Democrats Not Taking It Easy After Health Care

After creating a new $1.1 trillion entitlement program that will fundamentally restructure one sixth of our economy, you would think the Democrats would take a break from any more really, really BIG, society-altering initiatives, for at least a few months. One would think. But soon after the passage of the health care bill, we saw a news headline about a major climate bill. Then something else about a bevy of major new financial regulations. So why not Social Security reform while you’re at it? And, after all that, reforming immigration and providing amnesty to as many as 20 million illegal immigrants should be a piece of cake. How much angrier could those Tea Party radicals get? Oh, and don’t forget that we still have two wars to run in the Middle East, peace to make between Israel and Palestine, and a new strategic arms reduction treaty to hash out with Russia. Easy peasy.


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