Virtual Classrooms Have Real Results

Below is an update on how one education innovation—virtual classrooms—is making a difference in the lives of drop-outs and at-risk students.

March 29, 2010

Innosight Institute published new research today about an innovative Kansas-based educational program, which demonstrates how hybrid learning can help combat the dropout epidemic in the United States.

Titled “Wichita Public Schools’ Learning Centers: Creating a new educational model to serve dropouts and at-risk students,” this case study explores how a large urban Kansas school district combined elements of virtual learning and a traditional classroom setting to establish a comprehensive dropout-recovery and credit-recovery program.

The program has allowed adults and youth who failed to complete high school – including teenage mothers and former gang members – a second chance to earn diplomas and escape the lasting economic disadvantages of dropping out, such as unemployment, poverty or crime. Since the program’s founding in 1999, the dropout-recovery portion has served 3,722 students and produced 974 graduates. The program has also prevented students from leaving high school in the first place by allowing them to retake courses they had failed or dropped.

As hybrid-learning environments gain traction around the country in alternative education settings, we hope that this case study will help districts around the country to see how innovations such as online learning are essential to the discussion of how to curb the dropout crisis.


Michael B. Horn
Executive Director, Education
Innosight Institute


One response to “Virtual Classrooms Have Real Results

  1. This is encouraging to hear about!

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