Tax Day Tea Party Is Tomorrow!

Don’t forget! The second annual Tax Day Tea Party is tomorrow, April 15,  from 3 to 6 p.m. on the city side steps of the Statehouse. The event will feature a number of celebrity speakers along with OSPRI president Bill Felkner. Visit for more information.

Here is more information from the Tea Party Web site:

Have you had enough of out of control government spending and elected leaders who refuse to be accountable to the will of the people?  Join us on 4/15/10 for the Second Annual Tax Day Tea Party at the RI State House in Providence and let your government officials know that YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH!  Last year, 3000 people showed up to peacefully protest the actions of elected officials from Smith Hill to Capitol Hill.

Bring your flags, make your signs, and bring friends and family for what promises to be an energizing event.  Featured speakers include famous former Patriot offensive lineman, John Hannah,  Cool Moose Candidate Bob Healy, former Mayor of Cranston, Steve Laffey, local radio talk show hosts Helen Glover, John Depetro, and Matt Allen, and many more!  Enjoy Balloons for the kids, Patriotic Music, Colonial Re-Enactors, and the company of like minded citizens who want nothing more from government than to be left alone to prosper and raise their families.  Don’t miss out on this History making event!


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