More Reasons Why ObamaCare Is Unconstitutional

Here is more in-depth information on why the health care bill is unconstitutional, courtesy of the Independence Institute:

More Legal Ammunition Regarding Constitutionality: Being the accomplished legal scholar that I am, I peruse the Volokh Conspiracy website daily, eagerly gobbling up the finer points of law, litigation, and recent court rulings. Okay, not exactly. But it truly is a wealth of information for all you law geeks out there. Research Director Dave Kopel blogs regularly on Volokh in addition to the volumes he publishes elsewhere. A post by Georgetown law professor Randy Barnett caught my eye yesterday morning. Randy was recently interviewed by the Health Care Channel to discuss his thoughts on the recently passed health care “reform.”

In the first video, Randy discusses the unconstitutionality of the health care mandate. His reasoning is similar to what Dave Kopel wrote in this previous Volokh post, where Dave asked, “Is the power to tax infinite?” Randy and Dave both discuss the ridiculous idea that people be punished for NOT engaging in commerce.

In the second video Randy address the 10th Amendment concerns many are having about Obama Care, most notably a dozen or so state Attorneys General. Randy of course sides with the AGs on this one.


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