The Disclose Act – Good for thee but not for me?

H R 5175 The Disclosure Act targets political speech made by grassroots organizations and corporations to onerous disclosure requirements that make speaking nearly impossible. Curiously, labor unions, which have traditionally been treated the same as corporations in campaign finance governance, are not subject to the same regulation.  Is this another example of Obama paying back those who got him elected (Unions)?

Earlier in the year we saw proposals coming out of Washington that would require “Cadillac” insurance policies to be subject to additional taxes – but again, those same policies provided in contracts created through collective bargaining (public sector unions) would not be subject to the tax.

There appears to be a dividing line not so much between Democrat and Republican but between labor supporters and those in the private sector’s corner.

An amendment to the Act has been made that’s nicknamed the NRA exemption because it appears that the requirements were made specifically to exclude that organization. We are huge fans of the NRA but as the title suggests, we hope what is good for thee (and the unions) is good for me.

Perhaps everyone should be exempt from this misguided Act.


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