Confidential? Who are you keeping it from?

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, actor Jimmy Smits, and Democratic Socialists of America member Dolores Huerta have recorded Public Service Announcements for the U.S. Department of Labor that seek to inform immigrants workers that they should be paid fairly – and that seems, well,  fair.

But I couldn’t help but notice that the message is also addressed to “undocumented” workers (it’s hard not to notice this) and that the information would be held “confidential.”

Obviously, the intent was to tell undocumented workers that they could call for help and they wouldn’t have to worry about being reported to the authorities – after all, why would the Secretary of Labor be concerned with that pesky little detail that “undocumented” workers are breaking the law.  I guess she holds to the theory that undocumented workers are filling jobs American’s won’t do.

But the most disturbing part is the “confidential” aspect. Who is she withholding the information from?  Isn’t the government the entity whose job it is to enforce the law?  I guess that leaves it up to the states – like Arizona.


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