We gouge with the best of em’

Over and over again we see that Rhode Island ranks on the top of most lists that we don’t want to be on (worst business climate, corruption, etc…).  The only good#1 ranking we have seen in years is on the reduction of welfare dependents (see interview with WRNI discussing how Rhode Island reduced welfare caseloads by 27% – the highest percentage in the nation – listen to the radio show HERE).

But when I read this story discussing the cost of all  those road signs put up with Stimulus Money that say ‘provided by stimulus money‘ I couldn’t help but notice that the cheapest sign they found was in Illinois at about $700 each. Pennsylvania was the highest reported at about $2000.  Not long ago, Jim Hummel reported that Rhode  Island spent $2400 each.  Yippy, something else Rhode Island excels at – price gouging.


One response to “We gouge with the best of em’

  1. I can’t get enough of your blog, you are an excellent writer!

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