Journalist Listserve shows why 2 of the 6 Capacities are so important

Many have long suspected that the Main Stream Media is “in the bag” for liberal causes and politicians.  The Daily Caller has exposed communications in a journalist listserve that show many did indeed plan/plot to squelch the Reverend Wright story during the presidential election going so far as to suggest that journalist should attack other journalist as “racist.”

This story illustrates exactly why the center-right movement has put so much focus on developing investigative journalist who can operate outside of the Main Stream Media (such as the Hummel Report) and why “Investigations” and “New Media” are 2 of the 6 capacities necessary for a successful political movement .

As a friend has brought to my attention, the story brings  up some interesting questions:

  • What would have been the outcome of the Democrat Primary if the Jeremiah Wright question was “front and Center” News.
  • Were there local reporters (Projo, Globe, Guardian, etc) who were part of this alleged cabal to advocate for Obama.
  • Were there local journalism educators in on this issue?
  • Does this explain the appointments/positioning of Hillary? of Joe Biden (primary opponents -keep your enemy close to you?
  • How does Emanuel fit in?
  • What is the political impact among Dems? With the WH? For Republicans

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