Unintended Consequences

The central planners are at it again. This time with incentives (think cash for clunkers) for consumers to purchase energy efficient appliances.  Unfortunately, it won’t accomplish the goal of reducing energy consumption.  Why?

“If you buy a new refrigerator, where does the old one go? In the garage, for the beer,” Eric Burch told reporters.  Burch is the spokesman for the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development. “You have not reduced anyone’s energy efficiency. The old appliance is still on the grid.”

Are the elitists who want to run our life really that ignorant?  Or is there another motive?  Again, think Cash for Clunkers…

“We send the car through a shredder, which pulverizes it into palm-sized pieces of metal,” said Savage. “We turn around and sell those to manufacturers, who use them as raw feed stock. A lot of this material is shipped internationally, particularly to China, for office buildings and infrastructure.”


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